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Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Indispensable thoughts - 1

While returning from your college or school through a public transits, the thing you mostly need is a Good and permanent company or a group. long journey seems like a minute travelling with your besties. Unfortunately some people got that some doesn't. Or even some people tie up with wrong group. wrong people . But you know travelling alone is more happiest and more decent thing.

Travelling alone gives you a time to think about your self and especially at this situation most of the people thinking about their career, yes you may not be next bill gates or zukerberg but it helps you to thinks likes how they thinks.

Look out at most of the geniuses of the worlds from different fields. At the childhood or at teenage they all were alone without a single friend or just few formalities friends. Most of the time when they were alone they gave time to their passions or dreams.

They didn't took anyone's help for reach at this level. Don't be disappoint when you're alone because at that time you are actually with you, a newer you, a older you, or maybe a future billionaire you. So, keep learning and really you need no one to change life you or make your life better.