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Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Indispensable thoughts - 1

While returning from your college or school through a public transits, the thing you mostly need is a Good and permanent company or a group. long journey seems like a minute travelling with your besties. Unfortunately some people got that some doesn't. Or even some people tie up with wrong group. wrong people . But you know travelling alone is more happiest and more decent thing.

Travelling alone gives you a time to think about your self and especially at this situation most of the people thinking about their career, yes you may not be next bill gates or zukerberg but it helps you to thinks likes how they thinks.

Look out at most of the geniuses of the worlds from different fields. At the childhood or at teenage they all were alone without a single friend or just few formalities friends. Most of the time when they were alone they gave time to their passions or dreams.

They didn't took anyone's help for reach at this level. Don't be disappoint when you're alone because at that time you are actually with you, a newer you, a older you, or maybe a future billionaire you. So, keep learning and really you need no one to change life you or make your life better.

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Last Sem memories

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Why Bollywood hasn't won Oscar ?

   Since the evolution of Cinema in the world. People are paying more for entertainment more than their luxuries or needs. Hollywood is basically the father of all cinematic universe. Their extremely huge budget movies, unbelievable CGI & VFX leads them on front gear. They have a larger imagination scale and numbers of comics to make a masterpiece movie.
   In earlier 1930 or around that time Bollywood begins. I haven/t watched any Black & White movies so i'm not gonna criticize that movies. But i have watched some 70s, 80s, and 90s movies. So i'm starting from that era.

    In between 70s to 90s that was a similer plot in every single movie. A poor or uneducated Hero and the heroine is billionaire's daughter. Somehow they falls in love every time and Heroine's Dad is main villain of the movie. Yea, this similer plot was chewed by almost every movie between that era.
    And biggest mistakes in Bollywood movie (in that time and now too !!) is songs. I just don't understand why they fu***rs are not capable to make a movie without a song. Yes, there is also songs in some Hollywood movie, but that songs are logical and perfect to that situation. Not like that silly Bollywood sings that Love takes place in a village and they are dancing in foreign location(specially Switzerland, London, or and European country).
    And after that another era comes that ruled by some actors like Govinda, Sunny deol, Sanjay dutt, and some others.
(One of the worst and boring movie of Bollywood)

    In govinda's movies that silly things always comes what I have already explained above. Yes, that dancing in exotic locations. Ok I understands that you want to follow a trend, but at least you can hire a better choreograph. You guys go on Youtube and see any Govinda's movies song, you will find almost find 98% songs in exotic locations."WTF" , yes this the word that came after watching worst choreography in exotic locations.
    Not only that there are many factors that sucks me form Bollywood. Next is Plot, Stories and Script-writing.
(father of worst movies)

    Bollywood only makes that kind of movie that has not VFX, No original stories, and not even original music. Bollywood has no any talented directors. For example, Karan Johar.
  Yes, that dude makes and produces so irritating movies(Expect : Agneepath, My name is khan & K3G) that is just over ratted. The story line is basically about love triangle. The most two irritating movie made by Karan Johar is Student of the year and Ae dil hai mushkil.
   That two movies are just over ratted and there's nothing to watch in them. ADHM was released last year and earned a good money at box office. just because of it's songs.
   That incident reminds me other things Not only maker are stupid in Bollywood. Even audiences are also stupids. Indian audience loves to watch love story or typical "masala movie"(Masala movie means  totally over ratted and movie that includes Non applicable dialogues and anti-gravity stunts). They always thinks if a movie contains good song that means the movie is also good. HaHa stupid audience. For example if someone makes movie like " Inception " without songs, so it will be flop at box office. But if they include songs in that it will be a block buster.
(some science-fiction movies that keeps bollywood alive) 
 Sometimes Bollywood also makes Science-fiction movies. But there will be a single science-fiction movie per 10 years. Yes, that's shocking but that's fact. Even bollywood makes some physiological movies but they can't make it without songs.
   The reason why India has no Oscar in Best foreign language film category is just a simple logic. We don't have to criticize film-maker for making such bad moives but audiences are also responsible for that. If they don't make "masala movie" they have to loose their money. So they make movie with songs and some poor dialogue and get rejected at Oscars at everytime.
  I just want to say give a chance to youngsters they know everything about international audience. If I will ever get chance i will do my best to bring Oscar for India. 

Saturday, 13 May 2017

Happy Mother's day

Happy Mother's Day

So the day came, where you post for your mother or with your mother.(just 1 pic per year, or maybe 2nd on her birthday) . Writing something for your mom. 

Hmm that's ok everyone do this, there is also some brilliant people who gonna write " Everyday is Mother's day" or "Why there's just one day for mom?". Okay just leave it. 

You are going to wish your mom for mother's day and she's not gonna reply you with " thank you". She says something else, you know. That's quite funny and logical.

That's so cute , I can imagine that. But can't feel that. I can see that around me, but I can't get that love. 

When you returns from school and first thing you're looking for in your home is your mom. She's waiting for you she has  made something for you. She reminds you whatever you missing. And too many stuffs that we know.

Unfortunately no everyone has mom. It's really not good. But there's one other person that can take place of your mom and can replace her. Yes, there was a person in my life and we knows her as "Grandma".

Actually no one can replace mom, but in my life if I told you I have never seen my mom that's quite false. Because at the edge of learning, speaking and walking my grandma filled all the emptiness of my mom. 

I have never felt alone until my grandma left us. I cannot explain what my grandma has done for us. But she left and everything's changed. 

I cannot forgot that sleepless nights, that quiet days and specially a loneliness in house.

Someone and I think everybody tells us " god can't stays with us that's why they have sent mom for us". First thing I'm atheist so I usually thinks that only coward people believes in god. There's no any god expect our MOM.

So how's passing gays?? Nothing just tell me how do you feel when you can see your mom and grandma's photo on wall together, and you won't able to talk with them.

Simply guys, you are lucky you do have mom and grandma, take care of them.maybe you will get second Chance in everything in life. But they will never come back you have only one life to make them amile. So keep smiling and make them happy.