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Thursday, 20 April 2017

Betrayal . Ft. Avengers remix

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

12 inspirational Hollywood movies quotes that can lift up your spirit

         India releases almost more than 1000+ movies per year in different languages. But unfortunately India has never won any single Oscar or never perform well in many International Film festivals. Reason is just casting wrong actors and making movies without any senses or perfect screenplay. 
        Checkout Hollywood movies, they are making less but more good movies that we like to watch again & again.
        These are some movies with inspirational quotes that can lift up your spirit and it let you know about Life and Happiness.

"12 inspirational Hollywood movies quotes that can lift up your spirit"

(1) Forest gump

(2) eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

(3) Good Will Haunting

(4) Fight Club

(5) The Dark Knight

(6) Inception

(7) interstellar

(8) The Notebook
   ( personally this is my favorite Hollywood Love-Story movie.)

(Best way to get you Ex. back) :)

(9)  Brave Heart

(10) in pursuit of happiness
(I'm 100% sure, this movie can change you life...just watch it once)

(11) The Godfather

(12) American Beauty

So, this is what i got . If you have any suggestions or movies then please comment below.
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