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Tuesday, 14 March 2017

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Sunday, 5 March 2017

LA LA LAND - A beautiful masterpiece about self-journey


Before telling you anything about this movie just remember they don't make movie like this.This is never made before movie and there is no any possibilities for next few years. Usually i'm a huge fan of Hollywood. Specially, Action and Science fiction movies. like, Inception and Interstellar. Due to this movie i became fan of thriller movie. and ya i'm great fan of superheros movies too but we'll talk about that later.

Let's come on LA LA LAND. Before it's releasing it was looking like typical romantic movie.There are too many romantic movie in bollywood releasing almost 15-20 per month. And ration of success is just 0.2%. Due to low budget and third class stories.But LA LA LAND is a much different movie.

Story start from here. Mia, an on-studio barista and aspiring actress, has a moment of road rage with Sebastian, a struggling jazz pianist. But at that time jazz is outdated. No any of customer is listening to him playing. One day his boss fired him. Then he met Mia. A struggling girl who is almost fail in every single audition.

Months later, Mia runs into Sebastian at a party where he plays in a 1980s pop cover band; she teases him by requesting "I ran (so far away)", a song he considers an insult for "a real musician". After the gig, the two walk together to find their cars, lamenting being in each other's company despite the chemistry between them. 

Now let's fast forward the story , simply it is the story of chasing the career and love. But it is fact when you are too much after your career you have to loose your lover , or you are too much after your lover you have to loose you career. It is difficult to maintain balance between these two.

In  any movie if somebody tells you the climax before watching the movie your excitement is surely going to decrease. But in this movie if i will explain you whole the movie. It is not going to less your excitement. 

This is the end....  Mia is a famous actress and happily married to another man, with whom she has a daughter. One night, the couple stumbles upon a jazz bar. Noticing the Seb's logo she had once designed, Mia realizes Sebastian has finally opened his club. Sebastian spots Mia in the crowd; both are visibly unsettled. He begins to play their love theme, prompting an extended dream sequence in which the two imagine what might have been had their relationship worked perfectly ("Epilogue"). The song ends, and Mia leaves with her husband. Before departing, she shares one last look with Sebastian, and they both smile.

What a perfect ending. Now imagine if it was a bollywood movie what should be end?? Think and reply how much they are going  spoiled this end if they will make a remake.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

You are around them , just because they need you

     you know what nowadays the choice of people towards choosing friends is ugly and utter bullshit. Check out most of friends groups around you they are just laughing loudly at very cheap and unlaughable jokes.What the hell is wrong with them. If you are talkative and master in cracking some bad jokes at any situations congratulation !!! you have too many best friends . But think twice they are really your friends ?
      No obviously not they are laughing at jokes, they smiled at your messages that doesn't mean they are liking you or they have something for you. They are just addicted to your cheap jokes. They are waiting when you are going to crack your next joke. You are just clown for them. They need you to pass their time. Okay, if you are watching movie regularly with them, regularly dating with them or anything else.
     Now imagine suddenly a new person enters your group, and he is expert in cracking worst and cheap jokes more than you , your friend's attention suddenly changes towards him. Now for party or for movie first they call or message that new friend before you , or they will enjoy that stuffs without you. Even they are chatting for so long. Your friend's reducing chats towards you describes everything. 
     So, what now??? Simple , just leave that group silently without noticing them. and wait for them invitation or text. One day ....two days....three days.....congratulations.....you are free and alone now but now you are better than previous one your self. Just forget that all selfish friends, whome your are around them, just because they need you.